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Abi & The Tasty Mooresels is the only vintage, close-harmony, girl group in the East Midlands performing TOTALLY A-CAPPELLA! 

Abi and her Tasty 'Mooresels' Liz, Elspeth and Katie perform the best retro swing, jazz, blues and rock'n'roll classics from the 1930s- 1960s in completely unaccompanied, glorious vocal harmony. 

Complete with cute choreographies, sultry smiles, bouncin' basslines, heavenly harmonies, and appealing attitude, the feisty four will bring you the best sounds of the era to put a smile on your face and get your toes a-tappin!’ 

Expect your favourite songs from Judy Garland, the Andrews Sisters, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys in acappella harmony. 

No need for backing tracks or instrumental accompaniment: the girls are organic and unplugged, and no-one does it like they do!  

And you can now join us over at Youtube:

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