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Live in Lincolnshire (2015)

live album

TRACKLIST: Remember Me / Amoeba and Stone / Nickajack Cave / Protection / Wish I Believed In Love / The Hardest Part / The Way It Is / All Outta Sympathy / Dear David (Like Father, Like Son) / Return To Oz / In Your Hands / Wishful Thinking / Who Dares? / World Leaders & Power Seekers 

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Amoeba & Stone (2014)


TRACKLIST: Amoeba and Stone / Nickajack Cave / Protection / All Outta Sympathy / I Nearly Told You / Wishful Thinking (feat. Paul Lidell) / Return To Oz / The Hardest Part / In Your Hands / Wish I Believed In Love

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Things We Should've Said

studio album

TRACKLIST: Let My Ship Sail / Has the Whole World Come Undone? / (Come On) Make Me Happy / World Leaders & Power Seekers / Who Dares? / Just Breathe Out / The Way It Is / Found My Voice / Too Young To Understand / All You Do Is Say / Tell Everyone / Outro

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