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Abi is a respected and admired choir leader across the East Midlands, arranging music for and conducting her acapella superchoir TOTALLY VOCALLY (formerly SYNCAPELLA and RAISED IN SONG) in Lincolnshire. Abi's contemporary choir sing with passion and joy, doing it all completely by ear in the authentic, acapella style.

Recent events have seen Abi and the choir performing with Deke Sharon and stars from the Pitch Perfect films and Pentatonix at the David Geffen Hall in New York City. 


To join Totally Vocally's online 12 WEEK ACAPELLA CHALLENGE, get in touch via the CONTACT page. 

The rock musical that Abi and Totally Vocally were due to be involved with has sadly been cancelled. If anyone bought tickets for the White Witch shows in Birmingham or Nottingham in March or April, the organisers Beyond Theatre have called off both shows and should have been in touch with you. Sadly, Abi and the choir are unable to participate in the rescheduled shows they have reorganised for later in the year, so if you bought tickets hoping to see them, please request a refund. It's a very sad and disappointing time, after months of work, but Abi has plans for new things coming to hopefully keep you excited! Anyone requiring a refund for White Witch shows needs to get in touch with the organiser Beyond Theatre HERE  (Scroll down the page to just above the map to find the CONTACT button)

In the meantime, why not listen to the single that the cast released below?! (Buying it for 79p would be very helpful too, as 40% of profits are going to the mental health charity MIND!)

New Single!

Hardcore fans of Abi's music might remember The Prophecy (Part I) from her debut album many moons ago.

Abi was asked to re-write and re-release the song to fit the show's story, and the updated version, complete with the choir, is available to download right now! Listen to The Prophecy (Part II- White Witch 2020) on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby or just click the buttons below.

Classical piano, chunky electric guitars and hauntingly powerful, harmonised vocals feature in this brand new track.

If you like the track, it can be yours for 79p - and buying it as a download is very much encouraged as 40% of profits from single sales will be donated to the mental health charity MIND!

Click to download

Click to download