Abi Moore is an indie-folk / Americana artist from Nottingham, UK. She's perhaps best known for her ability to engage a live audience and for the astounding voice with which she takes powerfully insightful lyrics and delivers them with an uncompromising conviction and honesty. 

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I'm so pleased to finally let you know I have booked studio time to record my fourth original album. I'm sure one day, or along the way, I'll fill you in on some of the reasons it's taken me so long to get from the last album (now 7 years old, unbelievably) to this one. But that's a set of intimate stories for another day when I feel ready to tell them. 

 A quick explanation for one of the reasons is simply that I felt the songs I'd been writing just weren't good enough, or didn't feel like the new me. But there's now a beautiful armful of them that I've fallen in love with, that are totally me- a different, wiser, more certain, unapologetic me, and I promised myself that I would play my favourite of them all at my Rescue Rooms show this summer. I had a 30 minute set, and I placed it 6th out of 7 songs (see my setlist above- although that's just my shorthand for the song's full title- all will be revealed later!) 
I fought the fear to change my mind, because I'd forgotten how vulnerable it is to put your innermost thoughts and feelings out there for public consumption. I did it. I got the audience to be my drummers, and they pounded the floor with their feet and I lost myself in that magical space I can only experience when I've taken a leap of faith in bringing a new creation out of my brain and into real life for the first time. 

I'm back in love with music all over again, after a long time of being jaded, scared and disappointed. I'm back in love with playing live, back to accepting the calling that I've always known was my destiny, but which sometimes acts like a curse instead of a blessing. The spark has been fired up again, and I'm good to go. 

From now on, my newsletters (which you can sign up to below) will be a little piece of the real me going on that journey, and you're welcome to come along for the ride. It isn't always going to be pretty, vanilla and family-friendly, but it is going to be real. 

I start recording at the end of October and I cannot wait to keep you posted. This one is going to be the best yet. 

Abi x

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